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The Truth about "Equity" verses "Equaltity of Opportunity"
[Part 2]
The Truth about "Equity" vs "Equality of Opportunity"
[Part Three of Three]

Can We Survive three more years of the Biden foolishness?

Published September 22nd,
in The Post Newspaper

In our first column on socialism verses freedom (“equity” verses “equality of opportunity”) we warned; Don’t be fooled!  The “equity” approach of socialism leads to enslavement and tyranny under the direction of “elites.”  On the other hand, “equality of opportunity” spurs economic growth, creativity, innovation, and individual freedom. 

In our second column we asked what’s government’s purpose? When does it step from its rightful role across the line to tyranny?   We said it’s appropriate for government to encourage and facilitate the freedom of citizens to make wise choices, but not to make those choices, nor to except accountability for them.    We don’t want a few “elites” making choices on our behalf.  We must encourage individual freedom and the protection of rights to make choices – even when those choices aren’t considered the best.

Recently the Biden Administration decided that every person working for the federal government must be COVID vaccinated.  Next, they mandated employees of federal contractors (and there are many in Texas) must get the “jab.”  Now they are going to mandate that anybody who works for a company employing over a hundred people will also be required to get the shot.  If an employee refuses, they must be fired or the company will be fined for each incident. 

This is a perfect example of the “elites” deciding what is best and enslaving those who want the freedom to make their own choices – in this case about what medicine goes into their bodies.  What makes this so egregious is it directly impacts a person’s ability to work.  If they don’t comply, they’re fired and may not be able to pay their rent, buy groceries, etc.  Worse yet, it puts companies that support the concept of freedom of choice for their employees in the position of taking a financial hit from the federal government if they fail to comply.   This is about government forcing the behavior of people, not encouraging people and companies to make wise choices.

We’re not suggesting that people shouldn’t take the COVID vaccines.  That’s not the issue. The issue is about freedom of choice; free from intimidation or being forced to take an action they may not want or need, or one that may be damaging to their health.  We contend that medical decisions should be made by individuals not by the federal government.  To do otherwise will take us further down the road toward socialism, the total control of our lives, and tyranny where eventually the government could require “vaccine passports” for leaving home, going to the grocery store, getting gas for your car, the list goes on.

For the naysayers; hasn’t the government already informed us of the need to take the vaccines?  Haven’t they told us that getting the jab is perfectly safe and that it will protect us?  If that’s the case, why should the government feel it’s necessary to heavy-handedly force people to take the action the government elites want?  Why not let each person decide for themselves what’s best?  Take the pregnant journalist who recently decided not to take the vaccine until after she delivered her child or the person who has already had the virus and doesn’t believe the vaccine is necessary, why force the vaccine on them? 

Mandating versus and protecting choice seem at odds. The Constitution doesn’t give the federal government the authority to force people to take a specific medical action.  It can make it available and let folks know the benefits of doing so but, we contend, that is all they are empowered to do!

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Photo of Bill Sargent and Mark Mansius
September 12, 2021

Bill Sargent and Mark Mansius ran for Congress against each oher in 2012 and became close friends. They are writing a series of columns on freedom verses socialism, equality verses equity.
Bill lives in Galveston, Mark lives in Utah