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The Truth about "Equity" verses "Equaltity of Opportunity"
[Part 3]
Can We Survive Three More Years of the Biden
Administration's Foolishness?

Supply Train
Issues; We're all
Jammed Up!

Published October 30, 2021,
in Galveston County Daily News

When it rains it pours, sometimes in buckets. Respected polls show Americans aren’t happy about the performance of the White House.  It’s evident the Biden Administration is drowning in a sea of crises of its own making, and average Americans are paying the price. 

In just over nine months…

  • Thirteen American soldiers died at the hands of the Taliban and currently there are at least 500 Americans still behind enemy lines in Afghanistan because of the Administration’s botched middle-of-the-night evacuation.  Thousands of Afghans who helped us over the years are also trapped and there’s been no viable plan put forward to save them.

  • We have a humanitarian/national security crisis on our southern border where approximately two million people have illegally entered the U.S. and few, if any, have been tested for COVID-19.  Texas has needed to resort imprisoning them in its own jails because of the Administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws.

  • COVID-19 is still rampant and the Biden Administration’s unwanted vaccine mandate is forcing millions of citizens to take the “jab” against their will.   And now, OSHA is proposing a rule that mandates firms with over 100 employees have their workers vaccinated or be fired.  The U.S. military and the law enforcement communities are going to be decimated because a large number of their members are choosing termination over mandated vaccinations.  

  • The economy is stalled because potential employees are accepting federal money not to work, leaving job openings unfilled.

  • Meanwhile ships are anchored off our west coast waiting to off load cargo but with labor shortages (truckers and dock workers) the supply chain has gone into “sloooow” motion and the Biden Administration doesn’t have a clue how to fix this problem, nor a viable plan to do so.

  • The DOJ is directing the FBI to investigate parents expressing their first amendment rights to challenge school boards and the teaching of Critical Race Theory, turning moms and dads into what they see as domestic terrorists.

  • The Administration’s compulsive behavior in the energy sector has turned the USA from an energy exporter to an importer and from unfriendly nations like China and Russia.  The Administration’s actions like cancelling the XL Keystone pipeline have driven up energy prices while killing 11,000 American jobs.

  • Perhaps the most damaging failure lies with inflation running at decade-high levels. Shortages of natural gas have caused its price to double. Crude oil is almost the same. Housing and rent prices jumped by double digits. And now the Administration wants to spend another $3.5 trillion that we don’t have on things that have nothing to do with infrastructure but which they are calling it such. Over spending is already causing the increase in consumer costs and this inflation is hurting all Americans, especially those on fixed incomes and low-to-middle-income families.

These and other bad choices by the Biden Administration have the average American worried, and rightly so.  Washington seems to be in free fall.  We desperately need responsible leadership.  Can we survive another three years of this foolishness?  Time will tell.

Authors and Columnists
Photo of Bill Sargent and Mark Mansius
October 30, 2021

Bill Sargent and Mark Mansius ran for Congress against each oher in 2012 and became close friends. They have written over 230 guest columns since 2014 and continue so to do.
Bill lives in Galveston, Mark lives in Utah