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Rabbi Ted Simon

Who is Rabbi Ted Simon?

Rabbi Ted Simon is a Jewish man who loves Jesus, the Messiah. Raised in a conservative Jewish home, Ted completed NYS regents in Hebrew, and graduated from Columbia Grammar and Preparatory school in Manhattan, and Oberlin College in Ohio. After attending Messiah Biblical Institute in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Ted was granted Smicha (ordination) as a Rabbi through Tikkun International.

For over fifteen years Ted served the citizens of Maryland as a Senior Parole and Probation Agent conducting Pre-Sentence Investigations for the Courts. After assisting Asher Intrater for five years, he answered a full-time call to ministry in 1992 and served as Pastor of El Shaddai Congregation in Frederick for ten years.

He is a member of the Frederick Area Ministerial Association, and a past president and member of the Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship. Ted is a past board member of the CareNet Pregnancy Center and Frederick Union Rescue Mission. He is currently vice-president for development of Tikkun International. Rabbi Ted also co-hosts the nationally syndicated radio program, "Messianic Minutes".

Rabbi Simon has traveled nationally and internationally bringing messages of hope in the Jewish Messiah and teaching the Christian Church about its Jewish roots. He has ministered in Poland, the Ukraine, Russia and Mexico, as well as in over 25 states in the US.

He is the overseer of the annual area-wide community celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles, which has united believers from over 100 churches. Tedís heart is to see Bible prophecies fulfilled in our day.

Ted is married to Diane, an artist and womenís leader. They have four children living with them in Myersville.

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