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Rev. Duke Vipperman

Who is Rev. Duke Vipperman?

Born in West Virginia in 1950, Duke was a product of the turbulent 60's. A would-be rocker, philosophy major and occultist, he was once called "the freakiest man" evangelist John Guest ever met!

By God's grace, Duke responded to an invitation to make Christ the Lord of his life in 1971. Since then, Christ has been turning him in a more wholesome direction. He and Debbie, a Canadian physiotherapist from Toronto, were married in 1981. Afterward they both studied at Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry. Together they raised daughter Donovan (1968) & sons John (1983) and Michael (1985).

Duke was an Assistant at St. George's, London (Canada), rector in a two-point rural charge (Exeter and Grand Bend, Ontario), and for nine years Associate Rector with Peter Moore and later Chris King at Little Trinity, Toronto.

In 2000 with the Rector and Bishops' blessings, Rev. Vipperman took 60 people with him from Little Trinity to "reboot" a Toronto congregation, appropriately named The Church of the Resurrection, which had dwindled to below 60 members. The church quickly tripled in number and is now drawing in many people from its neighbourhood.

Duke is a founding member of Barnabas Anglican Ministries and Fidelity, a Chaplain of Church Army, Canada, and serves on the National Essentials Council (a three way coalition of traditionalists, charismatics and evangelicals). He is half way through a Doctor of Ministry at Trinity Episcopal School of Ministry, Ambridge, Pa.

Duke is committed to the Biblical message and method in all areas of life and ministry.

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