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Vicar Clancy Nixon

Who is Rev. Clancy Nixon?

The Rev. Clancy Nixon is Vicar of Church of the Holy Spirit, Ashburn, Virginia, which is a new Mission Church of Truro Episcopal Church, Fairfax. He is a church planter, evangelist, teacher and pastor.

Clancy was born in 1957 and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He studied modern history and graduated cum laude from Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1980. He was an editor of the Law Review at University of California, Davis [J.D., 1983].

He practiced business and finance law in the Washington, DC area for fifteen years. He was an associate at the Washington office of the Wall Street firm of Cadwalader, Wickersham and Taft, and was also Senior Counsel at Freddie Mac.

Clancy grew up in a secular home and came to Christ as a teenager at Calvary Camp in Conneaut, Ohio. However, he was not discipled at that time, and he walked away from Christ when he went to college. He spent nine years living a secular life until he came back to Christ at age 26.

In 1992, while a layman and volunteer youth pastor at Church of the Apostles in Fairfax, Clancy sensed that God was calling him to be a church planter. He continued to practice law while he attended Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria [M. Div., cum laude, 1998]. In 1998, he was ordained, and began to serve at Truro. Truro has a history of planting many churches, and its rector, Martyn Minns, continues that tradition. While there, Clancy ran the Alpha Course and newcomer programs.

He gathered eleven families from Truro to start Church of the Holy Spirit. Its Grand Opening was November 11, 2001. Not quite one year old, the church meets at Mill Run Elementary School in Broadlands. The church averaged about 120 in Sunday attendance in Summer 2002. More than half of the families who now attend the church were previously unchurched.

The Rev. Clancy Nixon speaks at various conferences around the nation on the topics of Church Planting, Evangelism, and Spiritual Renewal.


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