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Case studies are a great way to apply what you've learned in the classroom to real-world problems. provide a way to break the scientific lens, so students can apply classroom knowledge to real-world situations. Before you begin writing your case study, you should brainstorm and outline the key ideas.
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Loosing Coach Quits
Spurrier Quits
Steve Spurrier, the head coach of the Washington Redskins, called owner Dan Snyder this morning to resign "in the best interests of the Redskins". According to spokesman Karl Swanson, Snyder accepted the resignation with "much regret".
Details from WTOP
Attorney General Ashcroft Ashcroft Recuses Self From CIA Leak Probe Attorney General John Ashcroft will recuse himself from an investigation into who leaked the name of a CIA operative, Justice Department sources said Tuesday. The investigation will be headed by the U.S. attorney in Chicago, Patrick Fitzgerald,who will report to Ashcroft's Deputy, James Comey, the officials said. Details from WUSA-TV News

Bossy Cow !! Mad Cow: Officials Insist Public Is Safe Authorities are learning more about a cow that is at the center of a mad cow disease scare in this country. They say the cow came from Canada -- and was born four months before cattle feed restrictions took effect in the U.S. and Canada. Details from WUSA TV9 News

Park Police Chief Chambers Embattled Police Chief Spends Holiday Working On Defense:
It was not a merry Christmas for embattled U.S. Park Police Chief Teresa Chambers. Her husband tells the Washington Post, there were no decorations, gifts, or cards just a relentless campaign to save her job. Details from WUSA-TV News

Stack of World Almanacs Carriers of World Almanacs - FBI Issues An Alert An alert was issued to police throughout the nation to be on the lookout for people carrying around World Almanacs. The well know reference books that include information geography to trends in the weather could be used for planning terrorist activities, the alert warns. The alert was sent to around 18,000 police organizations on the eve of Christmas. Details from WTOP News.

Money on a table Virginia Tax Amnesty Program Brings in $$$ The Virginia Tax Amnesty Program that waived all penalties and reduced the interest by half on funds owed raked in twice as much revenue as anticipated. The program, which is now over, grossed $98.3 million dollars. Details from WTOP News.

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