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Maybe it's time to resurrect the "Tigers" to save Ukraine
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Published in The Galveston County Daily News
May 18, 2022

There is a lot we can learn from history; some things that worked, and others that didn’t. Just a few days after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, volunteer American pilots engaged Japanese bombers in the skies over China. These American airmen -- the “Flying Tigers” -- served under the leadership of Chinese nationalist Chiang Kai-Shek and his American advisor Claire Chennault.  In approximately six months these pilots destroyed 296 Japanese aircraft.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and Ukraine’s plea for air support, perhaps it is time to consider resurrecting the “Tigers.”  After all, NATO is already providing Ukraine lend-lease weapons and the Ukrainians are using them effectively.  Meanwhile, Congress last month reinstituted the WWII lend-lease program with overwhelming bipartisan support.  An estimated 20-25% of Russia’s overall military has been decimated by Ukrainians using lend-lease weapons to defend their homeland. If Russia isn’t stopped, intelligence reports suggest Moldavia will be next as Putin attempts to reconstitute the former USSR. 

However, enforcing a NATO no-fly zone would evoke a larger response from Russia. But if a small, skilled, privately-run proxy force of pilots were employed -- the “Tigers” -- it might prevent greater Ukrainian losses, drive the Russians back behind their own borders and stop the genocide we’ve already seen, while keeping this struggle by Ukraine from turning into another world war.   But before we go any further;

Why is Ukraine that important to us and the world?
While some influential people don’t see Ukraine as being very important, arguing that they should defend themselves, the loss of a sovereign Ukraine is not a trivial matter.  Ukraine is Europe’s “bread basket:”
- They produce 25% of the world’s high-grade wheat and 7% of all forms of wheat. 
- It’s the world’s largest producer of sunflower oil (responsible for 47% of world exports), 12% of barley, and 13% of corn.
Ukraine is also a major producer of copper, nickel and iron as well as neon, palladium and platinum. 
With Russia and Ukraine at war, the production of these commodities has been impacted.  Additionally, if Russia succeeds in toppling Ukraine’s sovereignty they could, and probably would, use the availability of these commodities to blackmail/bribe the EU and NATO, like they are currently doing with oil/gas supplies.  The world will also face an even greater risk of Russia extending its arm of tyranny.

Resurrecting the “Tigers:”
If we were to resurrect the “Tigers,” it must fall outside the purview of the US government. This could be accomplished by using existing private military companies that already have the air frames available [former Israeli F-16s, ex-Australian FA-18s] and which could help safeguard pilots and aircraft from being squandered. It would require a clearly defined role where the military companies and pilots work hand-in-glove with the Ukrainians. NO active US military personnel should be involved.

The Bottom Line:
If we do this, the role of the “Tigers” should be to defend Ukrainian territory and to expel Russian forces. It should NOT be used to attack the Russian territory, which could lead to a wider conflict.


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