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Please Note:These are "unofficial notes" taken by one of the attendees at the April 27, 2001 presentation and are not necessarily a completely accurate representation of Dwight Pryor's presentation. If you want to get an audio or video tape of the presentation they may be ordered for a minimal fee. Audio tapes | Video tapes

A Summary of the Teaching
of Dwight Pryor
"Kingdom Thinking"
[and Behold the Man Jesus]

April 27, 2001

There was an elderly lady in Ohio who use to tell folks stories about "Billy" Gable. To most of the world, her "Billy" was know as Clark Gable the actor. That is kind of how people in Jesus' time would have referred to him -- as a "Billy" and not a "Clark." Even Jesus' brothers and sisters didn't come to faith until after His death and resurrection. As Christians, many of us are hampered because we don't know Jesus as a man.

Look at the Apostle's Creed which was written approximately 100 years after Jesus was crucified. This creed says what a person needs to believe if they are to be a Christian (e.g., the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ). They skipped the faithfulness of the man Jesus. Especially the 3.5 years of His public ministry. Look at His call to discipleship (Jesus' message and mission).

Matt 4:17 Jesus is coming from being in the wilderness for 40 days and he proclaims: Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. And then (in vs. 23) He went out teaching. He makes the announcement and then explains it. He goes from place to place proclaiming and teaching... saying the Kingdom of God has arrived. In Luke 4:42-44 He proclaims again that the good news was the reason He was sent [the good news = the Kingdom of God has arrived].

In current times we look at the scripture and the phrases "Kingdom of God" and Kingdom of Heaven" and think the first is talking about a kingdom on earth and the second a kingdom in the heavens. This is not the case. As a Jew, Jesus was saying the same thing with both phrases. The use of Kingdom of Heaven was a way of avoiding saying the name of God. The same is the case when we say, "Heaven help me!" Don't we really mean "God help me?"

In order to know Jesus the man we must know the people of the time. The Pharisees used the term "Kingdom of Heaven" and so Jesus used this term and goes further in talking about what the Kingdom is like. Have you ever noticed that today we hear a lot about Jesus in our churches but very little about the Kingdom of God? Why do you think that is?

The Kingdom was first mentioned in scripture in Exodus 15. The Rabbis say this is the begining of the Kingdom of God. It is important to remember that He is King only over those who submit to him. This does not change the fact that He is the creator of all of us who will judge all the people, but the Kingdom is only for those who are subjects of the King. It wasn't until Israel said "Yes" to God that He became their King. And it was not based upon the good works of the Jewish people, it was based upon their acceptance of the covenant and its reqirements. You don't have to accept God as the creator and judge... It is true but you don't have to accept it! If you want into the Kingdom, you have to accept the responsibilities that come with it.

When Jesus talks about the Kingdom He is talking about:

  1. A Person - the King is a person and He is that person

  2. A Power and A Process - when you think about the Kingdom, think about the power of the Holy Spirit which is actively working in your life. The Kingdom is also a process. Sometimes things happen quickly; other times they take what seems like forever. God will only break in on your life when there is a humble and broken heart. When you "own" the King then you are the king. But when the King "owns" you there is a big difference in one's perspective and how one acts.

  3. A People - The Kingdom is a people over whom God reigns with redemptive power. Just because you call upon His name doesn't necessarily mean you are in His Kingdom. You need to be continually focusing on Him and His will. You need to get rid of those things that come between you and God. If you don't they will become what you worship instead of God.

Just like water always seeks the lowest level, so does the Holy Spirit. He looks for those who are humble and without pride. The proud, the haughty, and the powerful He distances Himself from... All of us have pride and possessions we are attached to. Are you willing to give them up?

Walk continually by the way of repentance;
Don't wait on a feeling;
Be obedient in brokeness and
He will use you to advance His Kingdom.


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